Katherine Morris - Hand Printed Wallpapers


“Hand printed wallpapers from Katherine Morris have a soft dignity which most modern papers simply don’t have. Unlike other contemporary designers, she looks at the actual plants and animals she is representing as well as at pictures and pictures and pattern books. It gives her work a real freshness and bite. There is nothing arbitrary about her cats or birds; her have a genuine prickle.”
World of Interiors - March 1996

Katherine Morris wallpaper is produced using linoleum blocks and emulsion paints. Her two colour wall coverings are printed by hand ­ which produces natural irregularities with a softness and subtlety of variation. These hand printed wallpapers offer an alternative to mechanically produced wallpapers, as well as giving clients a more active role in the choice of colours, or even developing their own design (see section in Introduction on Bespoke Design).

All the wallpapers are available in the patterns shown here – in any two colours (background and foreground) – to individual specification, or to your own design.

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